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    The Goal
    Increase awareness to Tiqets campaigns and initiatives through local travel accounts on social media.
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    The Campaign
    Tiqets Summer of a Lifetime

    Culture is making a comeback – and so are you. Reignite your soul this summer with unforgettable experiences at iconic destinations. The Tiqets Summer of a Lifetime is a campaign to promote going back to culture and tourism this Summer after an extended lockdown. Tiqets partnerned with 100+ museums and attractions in 6 countries in Europe and North America: Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, France, UK, and USA, to bring people curated Summer routes to help them get their spark back and reactivate the tourism industry.

    The main goal is to get the message out there and invite people to explore Tiqets Summer routes of museums and attractions using their app/website to experience the Summer of a Lifetime. This is a brand awareness campaign so company also want people to know about Tiqets and their core value propositions while offering a cultural experience for them.

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    Increased attendance, participation, and purchasing of from the various museums, events, and promotions highlighted throughout the campaign, along with creating a stronger awareness of Tiqets initiatives.
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    Luis Bracamontes, Senior Creative Strategist at
    We have worked with with WNDRRS MEDIA in multiple campaigns promoting our venues and services in the past year and a half. At, we continuously strive to offer the best experience to people that want to find their way back to culture through museums and attractions worldwide. We offer 3,000+ experiences in multiple countries and we constantly look for ways to connect with audiences in many markets and countries that love to travel, experience culture and see the world. This is why we have partnered with WNDRRS MEDIA in multiple occasions to bring awareness to our campaigns and initiatives through their localised travel accounts on social media.

    Working with them is always incredibly easy. They add a personal touch to the partnership and they always deliver the best results. They are some of our top performing influencers/brand ambassadors in every campaign. And since they value long term partnerships, they also give us great content packages that help our campaigns perform even better. They have helped us promote contests, giveaways, virtual experiences and most recently, curated summer routes for museums and attractions. We look forward to continuing working with them and fully recommend their services.
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